What is V Q ?

  • What is VQ?

    VQ stands for Video QR which is an inovation in video broadcasting.

  • What does it do?

    VQ makes it possible to get the content of the QR code using a special software scanner.
    It's useful in education, business, the media and the press and many other fields.

  • Key Features

    Custom Software Production
    Unlimite Barcode Production
    Secure with Custom Barcode Passwords
    Barcode Expiration Date can be selected
    Custom Colors in Barcodes
    iOS and Android Aplication
    Management Panel
    Memory Efficient for Smartphones and Fast Playback

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QR Code Production Steps

QR is ready!
Insert Barcode(s) Information
Insert Custom Software Information
Select Software Type

Barcode Content

  • What sort of content could a QR code carry?
  • Video
  • Image
  • Text
  • Hyperlink

Custom Application Features

What sort of features do Custom Applications offer?
  • 1.Custom Icon
  • 2.About Us section
  • 3. Contact Us section
  • 4.Read Barcodes and Show Content
  • V Q in business
    ⚫ VQ plays a dominant media role in business

    ⚫ Using VQ people can communicate fast.

    ⚫ VQ helps users have a better understanding of your products,
    and using the barcode on the product they can get more information about it,
    and understand how to use the product.

    ⚫ When introducing a project, VQ can bring more information about it,
    and if scanned by the user, a strong bond can form between the user and the project.

    ⚫ When attached to a resume, VQ can improve the situation.
    A barcode attached to resume can provide the user with a teaser.

    ⚫ On billboards VQ can play an important role.
  • V Q in Education

    ⚫ In education and textbooks VQ makes it possible for the user to

    ⚫ get a video and watch it to learn the subject in a better way just by scanning
    the barcode attached to the textbook.
  • V Q in health and medicine

    ⚫ In health and medicine VQ helps training people with medical points faster.
    Using VQ on health brochures can let people watch useful videos about the subject.

    ⚫A VQ barcode on drugs can teach patients how to use it more effectively.
    It can also teach people how to prepare in an emergency or how to use a special
    medical device just by being printed on perscriptions.

    ⚫ Also VQ can help improve informing and advertising
    medical points.
  • V Q in culture and the press

    ⚫ VQ can bring multimedia to paper publications
    just by printing a special barcode next to the content.
  • Creative use cases of V Q

    ⚫ VQ can enhance brand popularization in many possibilities
    and communicate better with customers.
    Some of the creative use cases of VQ are the following:

    ⚫ Wedding invitation card with picture
    ⚫ Billboard with picture
    ⚫ Restaurant menu with picture
    ⚫ Catalogs with picture
    ⚫ ...

Powerful customized management panel

VQ has a complete set of management features including:
Creating new projects, producing and editing barcodes, disabling barcodes, creating custom scanners...
Plus users can cntact support team in case of trouble.